Degree in Tourism (bilingual itinerary)

This is the unique bilingual itinerary degree in Andalusia.

Discover the Degree in Tourism (bilingual itinerary)

The Degree in Tourism (bilingual itinerary) offers training that covers from territorial planning to economic analysis, going through business management, service marketing, the cultural and psychosocial components of tourism, with an intensive utilization of the English language.
Thus, this degree aims at preparing students to successfully perform professional practices in tourism
industry such as managing resources and businesses, leading and conducting research in this field, advising public or private territorial institution on how to promote and foster tourism business fabric, collaborating in projects, etc.

Where can you find a job once you finish your degree?

• Hotel management.
• Restoration management
• Management of travel agencies.
• Specialized tourist guide.
• Destination planning and management.
• Planning and management of tourist products and events.
• Training, research and consultancy in tourism and translation.
• Data management and interpretation.
• Translation and interpretation in institutions, companies and international organizations.
• Content management
• Writing, editing and correction of texts.
• Linguistic advice in areas of public, administrative and legal management.
• Interpretation at conferences, press conferences, book or film presentations.
• Translation in the audiovisual sector (film, videogames).
• Linguistic and intercultural mediation.
• Teaching and the teaching of the Spanish language for foreigners.

10 Reasons to study Tourism.

1. Comprehensive training, covering multiple disciplines: business organization, geography, economics, law, history, art, sociology, languages, etc.

2 .Great variety of professional opportunities, from the management of tourist companies (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies,…) to the planning and management of tourist destinations and products, tourist consultancy, training or research.

3. The tourism sector is one of the main economic engines, both globally and nationally, which translates into high employment opportunities.

4. Practices in companies, through agreements with the main companies in the sector and with the possibility of employment once the internship is finished.

5.National and international mobility, through SICUE, LLP/Erasmus agreements,…

6. Excellent teaching staff, with excellent evaluation by the students.

7. Personalized attention and closeness, with a low teacher/student ratio, which facilitates adaptation to the university environment.

8. Extracurricular training complementary to undergraduate studies, offering courses that improve the employability of students.

9. The degree offers a BILINGUAL ITINERARY, with more than half of the teaching in English. It is the first bilingual itinerary in Andalusia. Course it, and differentiate yourself.

10. Possibility of studying a Double Degree, along with Translation and Interpreting. In 6 years you will obtain two degrees.

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